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Manhole/Catch Basin & Sanitary Line Maintenance

HQLC Torpedo Ltd. provides expert service's to keep your Properties' Lines Blockage free 

Silver Birch October 1, 2021_3.jpg
Silver Birch October 1, 2021_3.jpg
Edm Manhole.jpg

During Manhole Maintenance, hoses are run at optimum speeds using high-pressure water to propel cleaning heads to the most hard to reach areas; blasting through blockages in your sanitary lines.

Sanitary Line flushing can be done on an emergency basis but we prefer setting up a Maintenance Program to deal with these issues BEFORE they lead to inconvenience for your tenants & costly emergency services for you.

Let HQLC Torpedo Organize these Facility Maintenance Services for you, providing a well organized, stress free service you will appreciate.

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