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Grease Trap Cleaning

A Grease Trap is a receptacle or box designed to block grease & sediments from entering plumbing, as well as the city's plumbing lines. Generally, and by city bylaw, a grease trap is to be cleaned 1x a month or more often if percentages exceed 25% combined.  

Regular & proper cleaning of your trap is essential. Simply skimming the trap or using enzymes to break up the grease is not adequate. Disposing of grease trap debris into your garbage bin is actually illegal. We do the disposal for you at approved environmental sites. The grease & sediment should be entirely removed from the trap, the baffles or screens pulled & cleaned and the whole grease trap thoroughly rinsed out. Any excess grease or sediment not taken care of properly can enter the out-going plumbing lines and you could face city fines, inspections and/or costly emergency services.




At HQLC Torpedo, we will design a cleaning schedule based on your business needs. The frequency* of cleaning depends on what percentages of grease & food solids are being washed down the sink into your lines.  Our Technicians measure the percentages of grease & food solids that are currently in your grease trap and use this measurement to calculate your service schedule.  Our highly trained staff will be able to determine the best frequency for your business.



While we do take every precaution to help restrain odor that is released while the grease trap lid is opened, we generally suggest the cleaning take place while the restaurant is closed.  We have round the clock schedules for this reason; anything from early morning to late at night. HQLC Torpedo is fully ensured & has a secure key lock up. We hold keys & codes entrusted to us by many of our partners. 

'Whatever schedule you need to work around, HQLC Torpedo Ltd. will adjust to meet your needs'  

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