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Our Services

HQLC Torpedo Jet Flushing's Services are Edmonton & Area's choice for RESTARAUNTS, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES & COMMERCIAL FACILITIES

Grease is a fact of life in commercial kitchens. Dealing with the build up requires both specialized & difficult cleaning tactics beyond every-day cleaning requirements. We are not a Janitorial Service. With our Years of Experience, Certified Technician’s & Specialized Equipment, we are able to tackle Exhaust Systems, Grease Traps, Internal Plumbing Lines, External Plumbing Lines, Manholes/Catch Basins, Building Stacks & Sump Systems. Keeping your facility safe, clean, & efficient!



Grease Trap Cleaning


Sump Cleaning Service


Commercial Complex Stack Flushing


Grease Exhaust Systems Cleaning


Restaurant/Facility Internal Line Steaming

Edm Manhole.jpg

Manhole/Catch Basin & Sanitary Line Maintenance

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