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Restaurant/Facility Internal Line Steaming

HQLC Torpedo Ltd. provides professional service to meet the challenges posed by blocked or narrowing lines.  Depending on frequency of use & type of food prepared, a facilities lines should be flushed every 6 Months to a Year  & sometimes more often.

Our high powered, flexible hoses deliver high pressure water to tube & pipe interiors to remove grease, sludge & debris with no damage to the pipes.

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At supersonic speeds, low-volume, high-pressure water delivers its cleaning power to the most hard to reach areas, blasting through grease & sediment. In many instances, it’s the only cleaning solution that will work on your clogged system.

Line flushing can be done on an emergency basis when things get clogged but we recommend setting up a Maintenance Program to deal with these issues BEFORE they lead to costly emergency services.

Combining our Line Flushing Services with our other Commercial Grease Trap Services will keep your facility lines unclogged, issue free & running without expensive downtime.

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